Cybersecurity and Information Assurance Support

WESSGRP provides cyber-security and information assurance support solutions for government and commercial customers to ensure networks are properly secured. To achieve this, WESSGRP embeds information assurance (IA) and cybersecurity initiatives across all service offerings, supporting business goals, compliance requirements and risk management.

Here at WESSGRP we believe an effective cybersecurity program must support organizational requirements and growth objectives. This is especially true today, when threats to information assets are highly prevalent and constantly changing in sophistication and potential impact.

In order to guarantee networks remain resilient and properly secured, WESSGRP completes assessment and authorizations with an industry-leading approach, helping our customers to fully comply with NIST, DIACAP and other guidelines for information security and assurance.

WESSGRP has the experience you need when defending networks, systems and critical infrastructure and the knowledge needed to identify, collect, process and take action on cybersecurity threats.