System Engineering

WESSGRP’s system engineering team focuses on integrating all key elements of a system into one overall system and works to manage the technical and managerial facets of the system’s lifecycle. The overall goal of WESSGRP’s system engineering services is to develop a system that meets a customer’s specific needs and/or those needs developed through WESSGRP’s Program Management services.

WESSGRP works with our clients to clearly define goals and requirements, evaluate viable options and identify the best solution that meets all system requirements. Along the way, our system engineers convert each complex, technical issue into concrete, implementable solutions.

Additionally, WESSGRP has the capability to provide engineers that evaluate System Integrator (SI) solutions. Our evaluations include performing system analysis for all phases of the system life cycle, verification of the solution compliancy to organizational enterprise goals, verification of requirements traceability to SI end products and the review of all SI deliverables.